Cannabis Employee Onboarding: The Power of a Custom Welcome Series

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LearnLeaf offers a unique and proven process that can assist you in decreasing the time and cost of cannabis employee onboarding and training, encouraging employee retention and engagement, providing a memorable guest experience, and even boosting revenue at the point of sale. We provide interactive eLearning modules that ensure your team members are competent, confident, and set up to successfully reflect your company’s values in their work each day.

3 Pillars of Employee Engagement

Before we talk more about our Welcome Series and how it can add value to your company culture and training techniques, let’s look at an important piece of how we structure each and everything we do to ensure success: The 3 Pillars of Employee Engagement.

Elevate Your Cannabis Business Onboarding and Culture with LearnLeaf Welcome Videos

Unlock the power of custom videos for attracting, welcoming, and engaging cannabis employees with LearnLeaf!

3 pillars of employee engagement

What is the Welcome Series?

The Welcome Series is included in all LearnLeaf packages and is a series of 4 videos that tells your story, showcases your unique brand identity, and gives new employees a look at a “day in the life” working at your company.

This series is filmed by us at LearnLeaf and captures cinematic 4K resolution b-roll, photos, and team member interview footage needed to produce all four custom Welcome Series videos, and to customize all training media. Our team travels to your preferred location(s) for a two-day production that yields this integral part of showcasing your company culture to new employees.

Breaking Down the Final Product

Once we capture your footage, we will produce four customized videos that will help to support employees’ continuous development. These include:

  • Greetings & Company Culture: A live-action video featuring interviews with employees and company leadership that highlights and promotes the work environment and culture of your company. This is used in both onboarding as well as attracting new applicants.

  • Your First Day of the Job: Our research found that many new employees were overwhelmed on their first day to work in the cannabis industry, as would be expected from those who are typically new to the workforce. This short video gives critical pieces of information to prepare the learner for what to expect on their very first day of work at your company.
  • Day in the Life Series: Similar to the First Day on the Job video, this series (2 videos) is intended to give new employees a clear idea of the actual job duties and responsibilities of working at your company. In each video, we meet an actual employee from your company who describes and demonstrates the role, what the job entails, why it is important to the company overall, and the positives and excitement around working for you.

Check out this example from client Pure Options:

Why is the Welcome Series Valuable to You and your Company?

Custom videos are an ideal way to convey the culture of your cannabis company to new and existing employees. The personalized videos that we create express your company’s values and most important competencies. Within our web platform, new employees can watch these videos prior to their first day to help them feel more comfortable and familiar with their new job.

Encouraging your employees to be excited about their role as well as feel inspired to work as a part of your team is a key to not only setting your team members up for success, but also to maintaining the talent that you have invested in. Highlighting what makes your company unique is an incredible marketing tool. We want to help you make your team feel like a family. Ultimately, an investment in your company culture and brand identity are crucial to achieving the long term goals of your company.

What Our Clients Say

LearnLeaf has been an invaluable partner since the inception of NJ Leaf. Their interactive eLearning, dynamic animations, and live-action videos have set the standard for our cannabis training.

Ritesh Shah, RPh, CEO, NJ Leaf

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we receive usable copies of the videos for our marketing, and if so, what format do they come in?2024-02-13T19:02:38+00:00

Absolutely! Our team will send you hard copies of each high-quality video file for unrestricted use. The standard format is an MP4 file in full HD (1920 x 1080), but we can accommodate different formats based on your specific needs.

Where and how are these videos utilized?2024-02-13T19:02:22+00:00

Your finalized welcome series videos are stored on your customized LearnLeaf LMP. While our standard approach integrates the video series into an onboarding module for new employees, we can arrange them in a way that best suits your organization.

Can we request customized packages beyond the standard Welcome Series?2024-02-13T19:01:36+00:00

Certainly! We can tailor our welcome series package to match your organization’s needs perfectly. Reach out today for a free estimate and to explore our personalized offerings.

What does the Welcome Series process look like and how long does it take?2024-02-13T19:01:13+00:00

Our Welcome Series Process consists of 4 main steps:

  1. Discovery – we get to know your team and organization, your story, values, and what you want to communicate to your people
  2. Filming – our team comes to you. Over the course of 2-3 days, we visit your most important sites to interview your team, capture 4K video and drone footage, and high-quality photography stills
  3. Finalizing – over the next 5 – 8 weeks, our team creates story, rough, and final cuts for your key stakeholders to review and offer feedback. We finalize when you are 100% satisfied
  4. Rollout – finally, we roll out your custom series on your LMP for all new and existing employees, offering lasting value as you continue to onboard, train, and inspire your people
What is the cost of the Brand Story Package/Welcome Series?2024-02-19T21:30:37+00:00

$25,000 for this complete package

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