Pursuit of Quality & Commitment to the Highest Standards

When seeking to stand out from the crowd of competitors in a sea of options for consumers, one thing that will never fail to have a seat at the table is a product that is the highest quality in its category. When you aim to make a commitment to quality, it becomes ingrained in the core values of your company and extends through all aspects of your brand. In a recent podcast episode from our parent company, Exploring Potential, we sat down with Ryan Ratzloff of Lion Labs to discuss his personal experience with the pursuit of quality and how it can be applied to businesses across the board.

The Five Elements of Quality

How can you identify quality in the context of your brand? Let’s pinpoint the five elements that define quality:

  • Trustworthiness or Safety

  • Consistency or Reliability

  • Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

  • Sparking Joy for the Consumer

  • Sparking Joy for the People Producing or Creating the Product

Each of these assets of quality come together to create a product or service that is not only high quality in its mechanics, ingredients, or outcome, but also in the level of trust both the consumer and employee have in it. This trust and consistency leads to brand loyalty again, from both customers as well as your people. This long term affects employee turnover rates and operational efficiency as your team members find value and trust in their work.

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

When it is ingrained into your core values as an organization that the standards for your product or service is a top priority, your people have something real to stand behind. Ryan Ratzloff of Lion Labs touches on how his passion for constantly pursuing the best quality cannabis products he can produce is a thread that runs through his entire team.

“It’s hard to get up and grind like we do every day. If you don’t love what you’re doing and you don’t believe in what you’re doing,” he says. “We want everyone else [team members] to buy in and believe it. And when they do, it’s easy for them to sell and to get behind too, whether it’s a salesperson or a marketing person or a budtender or a friend and family, whoever it is. And I think that rubs off, right?”

This idea, that the impact of quality on culture is paramount, shows us how important committing to investments of quality on all levels of your organization truly is.

Beyond Culture

Beyond the cultural impact of quality in the workplace, we know that despite the fact that some consumers are looking for the most value in a product, there is an entire market dedicated to quality. A major perk of investing in quality is the way the product can speak for itself. Employees who believe in their product and consumers who have tried it can easily speak to its caliber.

Also, as touched on previously, a cultural impact in your company is an investment in retaining your people. This can look like saved costs and higher operational efficiency.

It’s Okay to Say “No”

Another concept that we discussed with Ryan was the power behind saying “no” to things that don’t align with your company or spread you too thin, distracting from the commitment to quality you’re striving for.

“You can make money doing all those things, but if it takes away from your core goal and vision, then you kind of, you know, you start flailing and don’t really have the direction moving forward,” Ratzloff states. It can be difficult as a new business or an entrepreneur to say “No,” but sometimes a part of the commitment to quality is giving full energy, resources, and focus to the one thing you’re trying to perfect.

An Opportunity to Educate

An incredible byproduct of creating products and services that are of the utmost quality is the opportunity to educate your consumers on your product and any new innovations that come along with it. Specifically in the cannabis industry, we constantly see new regulations, new products, and transformative processes coming onto the scene. Considering that cannabis is complex and ever changing in this way, it is crucial to take the time to educate consumers, which further fosters trust and loyalty.

“We’ve made a serious commitment to helping drive research…hopefully soon will be publishing some white papers to share with the community and educate at a high level things that are unknown. We have a lot of things that we think are gonna be extremely successful from an education standpoint for the whole world to understand,” says Ryan Ratzloff.

LearnLeaf recognizes the importance of education in the cannabis industry and encourages wholeheartedly the dedication to quality and teaching within the industry. We seek to equip leaders with the tools to do this within their own organizations and teams.

Turn Your Passion Into Practice

Finding the passion and driving home quality as a core value in your business is a part of a strong foundation for creating and maintaining teams that align with your goals. At LearnLeaf, we prioritize this mindset in our partnerships with companies looking to grow and find unity.

Listen to the full episode!

We encourage you to give Exploring Potential’s full podcast episode with Ryan Ratzloff of Lion Labs a listen to hear even more about his explosive growth through the pursuit of quality. Watch or listen to the full episode:

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